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Drama Course!

Empowering the younger generation and creating happy, focused, joyful communities, with a

6 - week interactive drama challenge!

What the world needs now!

There is a lot of talks right now about the 'lost generation' of children. How the covid-19 pandemic has blighted the prospects of our younger generation, hindering social development, social interaction, creative decision making, education, and their intellectual development; to name a few.

It is heartbreaking to see this and to see the parent's across the world worry for the future of their children, but I am here to tell you it really does not need to be like this.

Whatever you do to help your child, choosing an extracurricular creative activity (like this one) will help to boost self-esteem, confidence, and will help to develop a deep sense of independance and autonomy, nurturing and bolstering creativity.

The arts and drama in particular have recently been sighted by Lyne Gardener (The Guardian) as a core activity for building essential life skills. I couldn't agree more, call me biased but, I see daily how the activities we facilitate develop major life skills in our students.

That is why I have created this interactive, fun 6 - week course, which enhances, nurtures, and is designed to reintegrate your child back into society, helping with feelings of anxiety and boosting wellbeing, as well as teaching them all about the stage, PLUS, you can put your feet up for at least 3 hours a week and enjoy some complete silence!

Join us for this  6 - week fun and interactive

Variety Show Challenge, is all online, after-school, works in a combination of live drama lessons, videos, and worksheets, and children get to make their very own show!

****Siblings go free****

***Ages 7 - 16 ***


Kerri Layton 2020 by Christian Ostmo (c)
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who am i?

I am Kerri, a self-professed 'Drama Queen' founder of the Retro Performing Arts Company, singer extraordinaire at Kerri layton Music, and owner of record label and music agency

Dixiebird Records.


When the pandemic hit, I lost not only all of my work, my career down the pan along with my livelihood, but also my passion and my entire purpose for living (or so it felt).


I love the Performing Arts. Truly. Madly. Deeply.


I love them for how they connect audiences and dissolve any troubles from the outside world. As soon as a show starts, alchemy occurs. Transporting the performer and the audience to a new space and time. It is healing. It is transformative. 



the bigger purpose

If it wasn't for access to community drama and music workshops when I was growing up, I wouldn't be where I am now,  a singer (also, with a better hair cut - thanks Mum ;)

Drumming workshops in village halls, mask-making days at school, DJing masterclasses and so many more creative activities with other children helped me escape the troubles I had as a child and healed them, showing me a future that I never imagined could have been possible.


These all enhanced my ability as an adult to:

Take healthy risks

Make new friends

Develop strong communication skills

Nurture my creativity and problem-solving skills


...and they meant that by the age of 24 I had set up my first business, a theatre company that toured Europe!

I want this for your child too and we shouldn't let the pandemic halt their development or ability to dream and have access to creativity! 




what do we get, exactly?


6 weeks of creative tasks,

drama lessons and so much more!

  • A 45 min pre-recorded video lesson, and a weekly 'task' sent with a workbook every Monday

  • A 45 min weekly drama lesson on Zoom (You can choose which day)

  • A 45 min 'Feedback Friday' LIVE Q&A with Kerri at 3.30 pm every Friday


  • A 'Backstage Area' Facebook group for the parents

  • A safeguarded 'Green Room' area for the children  on our website

  • A 60 min 'Welcome party' with everyone 

  • A 60 min 'After Show Party' with everyone

  • Prizes and awards!

  • A certificate for each child! 

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Flash Cup

the 'magic cup of tea' philosophy!

How the challenge works


  1. Sign up using the link below

  2. You will receive a welcome pack with all the instructions on it

  3. On the 1st March you will be added to the ‘backstage’ area on FB

  4. Sign up to your chosen weekly lesson slot (one per household) using the link in the pack

  5. Enjoy your weekly sessions and look forward to an EPIC show like no other!



what are the benefits?

  • Boost well-being! The simple act of making something that wasn't there before is rewarding and it places the learner directly in the present moment. This can boost a feeling of accomplishment, at a time when it feels like most are just swimming in a sea of stress. ​​

  • Re-integration! When the world opens up again the re-integration period can not be overlooked. It is essential to a child's well being that they have positive experiences of coming out of this traumatic time, and this course will do that.

  • Social skills and interaction! By enabling creative, fun, and happy experiences with children out of their usual social / school circle, it will reinforce feelings of empowerment and identity. 

  • Positive experiences! Turning lockdown’ into happier and more joyful childhood memories

  • TIME!! Winning YOU back some time, and energy; we have thought out every last bit of info, parent's you will be told exactly what you need to do see the  'magic cup of tea' philosophy below, turning a cup of tea into THREE hours of bliss each week - for SIX whole weeks! (You're welcome!)

  • SHOW OFF! Have something to take back to school to show what extracurricular activities there are! Students are encouraged to take pride in their work and create a folder with all their work in, students in the past have taken them back to school (from Lockdown 1.0) and proudly shown what they did in their time off! Teachers have noticed a remarkable growth in confidence in these students too!




6 - weeks of fun and engaging online drama classes!

Young performers will:

  • Learn all about the stage, variety shows, and how to build an 'act'

  • Get to choose their own 'character' from the variety show!

  • Make their own poster and learn some fun graphic design skills!

  • Learn all about comedy timing, improvisation, stand-up comedy, music, singing, dancing, and acting!

  • Make new friends from the comfort of their own homes!

  • Learn all about costume and stage make-up!

  • Create their very own 'act' 

  • Learn how to make a short film!

  • Take part in a 'show' with children from all over the world!

  • MONDAY's get a pre-recorded lesson, workbook, and task for the week

  • ANYTIME choose your slot for your age group and join. a LIVE online drama class with up to 15 new friends!

  • FRIDAY's join us for 'Feedback Friday' where we will have a live Q&A, watch any videos sent in that week and work on our shows!


  • A 60 min Welcome Party!

  • A 60 min After Show Party!

  • A 'Backstage Area' for parents on FB

  • A safeguarded 'Green Room' on the website for children!

  • A certificate for each child!

Term 1 poster  (1).jpg



Flash Cup



The ‘magic cup of tea’  is designed to WIN you back hours of time, as your child roams free, off all devices in their own world of creativity, MAKING something and seeing their progress.

Our research has shown that children who have even the tiniest bit of parental involvement in this course, thrive way beyond the children whose parents leave them too it.


Over a cup of tea together, once a week check-in with them about their act, ask them what is going on and if they need any help, it could be as simple as pointing them in the direction of a box of old clothes which they can turn into a costume.

This 'Magic Cup Of Tea' will  turn into THREE HOURS back each week, for SIX GLORIOUS WEEKS!! Yippeee!! 


'magic cup

of tea'



£55 EARLY BIRD registration ends

15th February

£122 FULL PRICE Registration ends

 28th February

Week 1) 1st March 

Week 2) 8th March

Week 3) 15th March

Week 4) 22nd March

Week 5) 29th March

Week 6) 5th APRIL 

Videos submitted deadline APRIL 9th 



After Party Sunday 11th April

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Variety Show Course.jpg





The entire course, including the bonuses, workbooks, pre-recorded lessons and the live drama lessons costs just £122!


That's over 22 hours of fun, over 6 - weeks

= £5.50 per hour! 

Enrollment closes Midnight Feb 28th

course starts Mon 1st March!

what does it cost?

meet kerri

Kerri Layton is a Drama Teacher and Trained Youth Worker, She trained with the Association of Young Leaders (AYL) in Russia, part of the Californian Association of Youth Councilors (CASC) before working as Head of Drama at Great Oaks Small School in Kent.

She won multiple business awards as a youth herself (Young Entrepreneur, Kent Enterprise Scheme, Active Citizenship Award)  for her creative businesses and has performed on stages across the globe as a performer for multiple shows and bands. 

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Kerri Layton 2 pic by Christian Ostmo (c



If we miss a class do we get another one?

Where possible we will try and squeeze you into another session, but this depends on how many children we have registered and if there are spaces. 


How do we access the videos?

Videos will be sent on a Monday via email, with the task book for the week

What age's can take part?

The course is designed for ages 5 - 16! There will be an age-appropriate group for you to book them into. Please be aware, however, younger ones will need parental supervision. Older children can be left unsupervised, so you can go grab a cuppa or get on with some work! Ahhh, you're welcome!) 

Can the whole family get involved?

YES! Absolutely you bet you can! Whether you wish to do a show together or submit different acts using the material to guide you, the more the merrier! 

Do siblings pay extra?

No, the fee is per household (WIN!)

We recommend a 'lead' student, however, so maybe an older child, or a dedicated parent to be able to direct the young performers each week.

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