Block buy a set of 25 singing lessons at the Retro Performing Arts Company.


Please note, the more advanced student can book x 2 sessions back to back, for a more in-depth lesson.


This block of lessons is perfect for the young student who is committed to their singing journey and wants to see quantum leaps of growth, possibly audition, making tapes, and more. 


Buying a block of 25 lessons also gives you a discount of over 20%, making the lessons just £20 each, saving you £200 in total!!


BONUS - Get a free copy of our ebook 'Singing Success for kids; a parent's guide' when you buy this bundle, so you can set your little singer up with a structured home practice, so they can maximize their vocal practice between lessons. 


We can focus on any of the following techniques!

  • Learn how to sing like a Disney princess, or a pop or movie star, learn all the tricks of the stage and how pop stars warm-up, hold a mic, prepare for auditions and so much more.
  • Suitable for beginners or early-stage pros.
  • Vocal technique and song choices for auditions or just for fun
  • Effective warm-ups and warm downs (vocal health)
  • Your key and vocal range
  • About various vocal registers
  • Breathing techniques and how to make a perfect note
  • Plus, so much more! 

By the end of 25 lessons, you will have learned:

  • Your unique singing key, chosen three songs and had fun learning and singing them, and if you are working towards an audition, you will have perfected one of them for a performance
  • Lessons are fully tailored to the needs of each student and are suitable for complete beginners or young aspiring pros.
  • More about your unique sound, how to control your voice, sing a wide range of repertoire, made a fun video, learned how to use a mic, maybe even have a paid singing gig!


You will receive a 'Virtual Studio Tour; Welcome Pack; with your purchase, please follow the instructions to book in your lessons with Kerri or another available teacher.


Lessons are available daily from 3.30 pm - 5.30 pm and Saturdays 2.30 pm - 5.30 pm and you are welcome to book any time you wish, keep the same one each week or change as you wish. Please leave at least 5 days between sessions to allow for some home practice. 

Buy a block of 25 Singing Lessons