Buy a block of 121 acting coaching sessions with Kerri!

121 lessons are suitable for ages 8 - 18 and will be taken on zoom.


Lessons are fully tailored to the needs of each student and are suitable for complete beginners or students preparing for Lamda or GCSE exams, or even young proffesionals needsing more tailored industry support, coaching and mentoring.


In your 121 acting lessons with Kerri, we can:

  • Perfect your diction and intonation
  • Work on your accents 
  • Learn about comedy and examine some well known comics
  • Be introduced to some new monologues, learning more indepth what makes a great monolgue!
  • Prepare an exam piece for year 10 or year 11 GCSE's
  • Prepare work for A level examinations and course work
  • Create a showreel ready for auditons
  • Work on script interpretation for film or stage and understand various directions
  • How to create the best audition piece for your acting success
  • How to film the perfect audition tape at home
  • How to prepare for auditions
  • For older students we will work on your acting social media profile

A good internet connection and a device such as a tablet or a laptop, or even just a phone with the Zoom app on it is perfect.


​Lessons are encouraged to be taken consecutively when booked, although we understand they may be changes to your schedule or a need to skip a week, and they can be booked in anytime over the next 2 -months.


You will be invited to book and sent a welcome pack, and a form to fill out so we can tailor the lessons in your direction.

6 x 121 Drama Coaching Sessions