The unexpected benefits of learning drama online

RPAC started nearly a year ago when I lost all my work as a singer and my company collapsed, (live events and entertainment agency). So, after much soul searching and deciding not to wait around for the pandemic to pass over (so glad I didn't wait!)) I went back to my roots; to my first career as a youth worked and a drama teacher - a role I LOVED but sacrificed for my singing career, as teaching large groups of children in person and being a vocalist really doesn't match! (Those vocal cords get worn out FAST!)

But I've found the way forward and it is seriously, SUPER EFFECTIVE at teaching children! Not only is it saving my voice, meaning I can continue this alongside my singing career, but I am increasingly feeling like drama on zoom is an amazing 'fill in the blanks' that conventional in-school drama education and performing arts (IRL) lessons cant deliver.

First of all, children can meet friends from around the world, from the comfort of their own homes.

This alone gives children a deep feeling of independence, autonomy and their own friendships that sit outside of their home town or extracurricular school activities. If children have external worries at school, bullying perhaps, this is an amazing way for them to boost their self-esteem and realise their contribution is valuble.

The autonomy and sense of ownership here is the really beautiful part though. One of our students made his own folder last summer and proudly took int into class to show the teacher what he had been doing during the summer. She sent a message back to me personally to say how much his confidence had grown since she had last seen him. Seriously, my heart melted.

The list goes on, I am seeing daily the quantum leaps forward and the development in;

🧡 Empathy, exploring feelings and emotions

🧡 Teamwork and responsibility

🧡 Major leaps in confidence and creative ideas coming out of nowhere!

Online learning won't ever fully replaces in-person lessons, but it can run alongside all extracurricular activities, fill in all the blanks of a curriculum and enhance a child's education far beyond the realms of usual education.

Yesterday I taught a class of 37 kids using the techniques I've developed this last year, I thought it would be crazy hectic, but it was amazing!


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