The 'Lost Generation'; how to combat the impact of Covid-19 on Children.

There is a lot of talks right now about the 'lost generation', how the Covid-19 pandemic has blighted the prospects of our younger generation, hindering social development, social interaction, creative decision making, education, and their intellectual development; to name a few.

It is heartbreaking to see this and to see the parent's across the world worry for the future of their children, but I am here to tell you it really does not need to be like this.

By implementing a few things in your daily routine or your child's after-school programme, there are a few ways you can combat any anxiety you and your children may be feeling right now, and transition them back into school and beyond to a happier future.

1 ) 🧡 Boost self-esteem by encouraging independence and autonomy: What has your child shown interest in recently, is it a new hobby, a new craft, a new program even? Can you encourage them to go a bit further, create a scrapbook perhaps, or enroll them in an online class about the subject? It could be a Minecraft engineering class or a graphic design class for kids. Whatever it is, the trick is to really get them to own the idea. It is this sense of individuality and independence that builds a child's self-esteem which will, in turn, help them to bounce back from this strange period much much quicker.

2) 🧡DANCE! Put some of your favs on in the kitchen and dance it out together! Have an impromptu disco at breakfast time or before dinner! The pandemic is making the best of us restless and children are no exception, with bags of energy to burn off dancing will not only help everyone to relax, but it is proven to boost wellbeing, releasing essential hormones and endorphins, you will all immediately feel more relaxed and happy.

3) 🧡Make 'checking in' a part of your daily routine. In our drama classes, children know we already do our check-in at the start and end of each class. Children often find it hard to articulate how they are really feeling, but if they are given a creative comparison such as 'if you had to be a piece of fruit today, what would you be and why they are often able to freely express how they are feeling using the fruit as an analogy. Try a different topic each day and have fun before dinner or bedtime and ask them, the results may surprise you and it's a great way to keep an eye on their progress and to get them to open up about how they feel about going back to school.

Good luck, you've got this, if you would like to know more about how drama can help you, and to find out what online after-school projects we have on right now, please get in touch with us or come and download our free resources to help you create some joy and creative fun at home.

Love Kerri x

Kerri Layton is a Drama Teacher, Jazz Singer-Songwriter and Creative Entrepreneur. The founder of Retro Performing Arts Co, and Dixiebird Records, Kerri has sang all over the world, performed for the BBC, Glastonbury Festival, sang in front of Swiss Royalty and has been featured in the Daily Mirror, We Are City and Education News for her contribution to the arts and education. On a mission to bring drama, fun and creativity to homes and hearts across the world during the covid-19 outbreak, you can work with Kerri and RPAC in a number of ways, check out What's on and how to work with them - Work with RPAC.