Three top tips for your child's singing success!

Updated: Feb 12

Have you got a drama loving, singing crazed child at home?

Would you LOVE to nurture their talent?

Are you feeling slightly overwhelmed with the task of getting them started?

Well look no further! Help is here!

In this blog find my top three easy tips you can implement today to get started, resulting in pitch perfect Prince's and Princess's from breakfast to dinner time, everybody say 'laaaa!'.

Step 1) Pick a song! It sounds obvious but picking the right song is key! The right song will be a song they really love but also isn't too high for their young voices. Young voices can belt very loud and often struggle with the softer mid tones or the transitions, and we want to start building up technique so those belts become in line with the song.

"The role of a good teacher is to create space for the singer to grow, suggesting goals without shattering dreams "

Step 2) Learn just the verse and the chorus! If you have a pre-schooler or a child who can't read yet, teach them by rote. Make it your mission together to learn a new word each day and by the end of a few weeks see if you can build up to knowing the full verse and chorus off by heart. For slightly older children, encourage them to learn the verse and chorus first before progressing to the full song. When you know the words of a song, there is nothing more satisfying than singing it alongside your exercises!

Step 3) Practice makes perfect, get a routine! Scheduling some time in the homeschooling routine for a home practice will make all the difference. Try scheduling 25 mins a week for a lesson and ALSO a 25 min solo practice session. Set the timer, when it goes off, move on to something fun and exciting. It's important to do short 'bursts' with younger singers, little and often is the motto here. Stick to it for a six weeks block of lessons, and see what happens! If you can introduce a love for practicing at a young age it will seriously boost their self esteem (because the the child will have learnt and be singing with more ability, it will inspire them to just keep going and wanting to learn more!

If you would like more tips and tricks, including a selection of warm up exercises to try at home, some song suggestions and more, click the link to download my FREE e-book which will help you inspire a love for singing and help with training the young voice in your family

Click the link here and download my free resource '56 Songs for Children' to get you started, it is a ram packed resource with X 14 Pop songs, X 14 Jazz & Musicals, X 14 Christmas songs and X 14 Disney songs, all with backing tracks and lyrics; saving you time and effort finding high quality songs they can learn.

I LOVE hearing feedback on how these tips have helped you, so please comment below or come and tag me in a post on social media with any questions you may have!

To your child's singing success,

Kerri xx

Kerri Layton is a singer and a drama coach for children. The founder of Retro Performing Arts Co, she is on a mission to make performing arts education accessible for all.