Lockdown Superhero's - family Drama Game & Tableu Idea!

With the school's about to return on March 8th here in the UK, this game will be a fun one to play and document, as a more creative, hopefully, more celebratory momentum of this absolutely crazy time in history.

Suitable for all ages; kids from age 5 + can likely play it on their own and you can come together as a family to create a table snapshot of your favorite scene!

Grab all lockdown members of the household and prep them for this special mission!


Let's face it, being on lockdown with your whole family for months on end, is no means feat and I am sure it has been full of evil characters (hello zoom homework lessons) and superheroes too, (hello NHS working parents!), so if you have wanted to be your own SUPERHERO!! Well, now you can!

Laundry Man!

Captain Toothbrush!

Princess Zoom!

The Invisible Teacher!

Evil Brocolli Man!

Come up with your own or make some of the above and have fun making a scene out of the characters, create a tableau scene and photograph it!

Share with us in the group so we can all celebrate your own superhero movie scene, lockdown style.

Tableau - A group of silent, motionless figures used to represent a scene, theme, or abstract idea (e.g., peace, joy), or an important moment in a narrative. Tableaux (plural) may be presented as stand-alone images to communicate one specific message or may be used to achieve particular effects in a longer drama work.

Kerri Layton is a Drama Teacher, Jazz Singer-Songwriter and Creative Entrepreneur. The founder of Retro Performing Arts Co, and Dixiebird Records, Kerri has sang all over the world, performed for the BBC, Glastonbury Festival, sang

in front of Swiss Royalty and has been featured in the Daily Mirror, We Are City and Education News for her contribution to the arts and education. On a mission to bring drama, fun and creativity to homes and hearts across the world during the covid-19 outbreak, you can work with Kerri and RPAC in a number of ways, check out What's on and how to work with them - Work with RPAC.

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