Fortunately / Unfortunately

This is a great game, one that truly brings all the family together and is used in drama academys, and theatres across the world.

I thought I'd give you all a game you can play with all the family, just before dinner or just before the Friday night movie, (or whatever other fun thing you all have planned, let us know!)

It's a great chance to do something together which inspires a unified happy home, a shared experience and hopefully, a few belly laughs too.

It's not just all fun and games though, this game is amazing for flexing short and long term memory muscles in children, by helping them to improvise, storyteller and keep a thread of story/conversation going, you are helping them to build essential life skills in the process, not to mention creating loving memories for the future.

Without further ado, here is the game! I have to thank my friends Bridgett and Paul years ago for introducing me to this sat around a campfire with all the children, it kept everyone entertained for hours and all the kids can get involved, younger ones may just need a little encouragement or help from an adult or older sibling.

Sat together in a group, could be in the living room or garden, you are going to take it in turns to tell a story, only, each person has to begin it with 'fortunately' or 'unfortunately', for example..

The first person starts with an open line, like..

"Mary went to the shop to buy a bag of bananas"

The next person says

"fortunately' she had the right change with her, so she could buy them!"

Next player, "unfortunately on the way home the bag split, and the bananas went all over the road!"

"Fortunately the road sweeper came along and cleaned it up, so the road was safe, phew!"

"Unfortunately.. and so on.

This is a GREAT game to bring the fam together, have fun and inspire creative storytelling, let us know how you got on!!!

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Kerri Layton is a Drama Teacher, Jazz Singer-Songwriter and Creative Entrepreneur. The founder of Retro Performing Arts Co, and Dixiebird Records, Kerri has sang all over the world, performed for the BBC, Glastonbury Festival, sang in front of Swiss Royalty and has been featured in the Daily Mirror, We Are City and Education News for her contribution to the arts and education. On a mission to bring drama, fun and creativity to homes and hearts across the world during the covid-19 outbreak, you can work with Kerri and RPAC in a number of ways, check out What's on and how to work with them - Work with RPAC.

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