📺 Be your own 'TV Show Host' A fun, play at home, drama game!

When I was younger I spent my Saturday afternoons making up pretend shows and having great fun pretending to an 11 year old Chris Tarrant, on 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire'; quizzing my family and having a GREAT time being in charge, you can just imagine how much fun it is as a child to shout "WRONG, better luck next time LOOSER", as your competitive brother looses his grip on his round of questions, or encouraging everyone to have their own silly 'buzzer' sound.

I have no idea where this came from, as I didn't go to drama school until much later in my life, but, I actually think this technique and exercise developed not only my comedy improvisation skills but my acting all round! Keeping a straight face when everyone else is laughing, is good discipline!

The character of the TV show presenter or 'expert' is an amazing one to inspire creativity in children and create a dramatic sense of mock seriousness (a fantastic acting exercise!) so here is a game, inspired by David Farmers original with my own tweaks, inspired by all the great TV hosts and Talk Show Hosts of TV land.

The TV Show Expert!! - How to play!

Two players sit on chairs in front of the “audience”, you could grab two cushions and place them on the floor in front of the sofa, if you don't have enough chairs. Choose one player to be the “expert” and one player to be the talk show “host.” The host’s job is to ask the expert questions and the expert's job is to give as much professional expert advice as they can! Now, here is for the very fun twist....the HOST must decide beforehand what the expert's profession is without telling the expert, until they are LIVE on air!... The host then introduces the show, with a fun theme song and name of their show, with any other bits of information they choose, before announcing the experts area of expertise...for example...

“Du du du du du!!! Welcome to the amazing, incredible, SAM Show! Today we’re here with DAN, who’s an expert on teaching dogs how to do bake cupcakes...Tell us more Dan...”

And here is the super fun part....

The expert, (Dan in this case) HAS to go along with whatever the host has made up. (Remember, the expert knows everything and whatever they say, no matter how outrageous, it is always right, so the host must take it seriously too and ask them considered questions back!)

After the initial interview the host then takes questions from the audience for the expert to answer, if you have your family on the sofa, then they are the audience :)

This is a ridiculously fun game to play, either with all the family or with your siblings,

It is the perfect weekend 'get off line' activity which teaches children core drama skills, acting, comedy, confidence and can provide endless hours of entertainment. Try digging out some fun outfits and dressing the set too, you could go one step further and film a show to share with us online!

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Kerri Layton is the founder and 'Drama Queen' from the Retro Performing Arts Company. Using the performing arts techniques of yesterday to inspire the great performing minds of tomorrow.

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