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Thursday 13th August!

all ages (6 - 18) 




With the Summer holidays in full swing and many social distancing restrictions still in place across the country and world, which is leaving parents stressed, tired, working from home AND struggling with childcare...


 ..I thought we should do a FREE 1-day challenge to get children and families happy, motivated and working on something creative!


Think of this as your FREE DIY Fringe Festival, from the comfort of your own living room! 

The pandemic has made our children tired, unmotivated, bored, restless and anxious.


They are missing their friends and social interaction and have been overwhelmed by boring zoom lessons which are neither that interactive or creative.


It doesn't need to be like this! 





When I was a child I spent my summers playing with friends in the park, getting grazed knees from climbing trees and lost myself in a world of creative play and imagination.


As I got to my teenage years, I took part in drumming workshops in village halls, mask making days and creative activities with other children, all things that are denied to our children right now.


These all enhanced my ability as an adult to:

Take healthy risks

Make new friends

Develop strong communication skills

Nurture my creativity and problem-solving skills


...and they meant that by the age of 24 I had set up my first business, a theatre company that toured Europe!


Now, I came from a working-class background, had severe anxiety as a child and I wasn't very confident. So in just under 10 years, I transformed my entire life. It is no coincidence that taking part in workshops like this gave me the skills I needed as a young adult to thrive, communicate and have a strong sense of self-belief.


I want that for your children too.


Like you, I dont want the pandemic to affect our children's natural development or leave scars that take a decade or more to heal.


It doesn't need to be like this.


We are right in the middle of our Summer break now and children are anticipating the return to school in September and are feeling anxious about it, It really, really doesn't need to be this way.


The workshops we have been running on zoom are so interactive that our

teenagers and children are:

Making new friends

Jumping for joy after each session!

Excited, motivated and doing creative self-guided learning after the classes!

Reporting feeling much calmer and happier

Learning new skills about the performing arts

Learning essential life skills in the process


If you are genuinely concerned about how the pandemic is affecting your child's mental health and development, the creative arts can help and so can we! That is why I have put together this amazing, incredible 1-day challenge just for you!

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Wednesday 12th you will receive your FREE e-book with your first task in it and a pre-recorded video from me

Thursday 13th is the day of the challenge! Join me for a FB video in the morning at 11 am and take part in a 30 min LIVE Zoom celebration call with me at 5 pm before putting all your acts and mini-shows in the group!

To all those wishing to work with me further, see our enrolments page and check out what's on! 

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"Lockdown taught me a lot in terms of how much we rely on the creative arts for our wellbeing and happiness, so by using online drama lessons, workshops and mini-courses I can help you transform your child's world into a creative, drama-filled Imaginarium which builds their

confidence combats loneliness and teaches them all about the arts in the process."


Meet your Drama Teacher!

Kerri Layton is an experienced teacher and professional entertainer with 12 years of teaching, directing, producing and performing on the stage.

Before Kerri found her love for Performance Art, she worked as a Level 2 Youth Worker for Lancashire County Council having trained as a Youth Worker in Russia with the Association of Youth Leaders facilitating conferences both Nationally and Internationally to students on residential programmes.


Teaching the GCSE Drama curriculum as Head of  Drama at Great Oaks Small School in Kent, Kerri has also ran youth drama groups across the country for Arts Council funded projects as well as working as an agent acting in the role of Head of Entertainment for Eventspiration.


Kerri lives in Hackney, London with her puppy Memphis, where she runs Kerri Kreates, coaching, writing and singing and Dixiebird Records, her vintage booking agency for artists.



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