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Learn the art of singing - online!


Build confidence, harness your child's true creativity and develop a lifelong love for music, singing, and the performing arts with our online singing lessons.


We run various singing workshops, 121 online singing lessons, and group drama and singing courses for children throughout the year, so sign up to our mailing list by downloading our freebie, and join our amazing community of drama lovers on Facebook to stay in the loop! 

Why learn singing?


Singing is a true expression of our soul.


It places us directly in the present moment and connects us with our deepest emotions and to those around us, both for those singing and also for audiences watching and listening. 

It is a wonderfully liberating art form, which, when one learns the basics of, is able to truly spread their wings and soar into many realms of many possibilities, harnessing full creative expression.

It is within singing, at whatever age, we find ourselves.

Let's go.

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Singing is good for you!

After just one lesson we start to see major transformations and breakthroughs in our students!

Adult's often report that their little one is:


🎤  More relaxed and calm, feeling happy and joyful! 

🎤 Feel excited to work independently on their singing!

🎤 Start to have more confidence in their daily activities!

After just a few sessions we start to see fundamental shifts in:

🎙 Vocal technique, deeper resonance, and tuneful singing!

🎙Confidence to try new ideas out on the spot!

🎙New songs being added to their repertoire, or fun singing list as we prefer to call it!


We are experts at harnessing a child's developing voice and inspiring their love of the art for the rest of their life. We believe the way to do this is by having a structured but laid-back class, where fun and singing lies at the heart of every lesson.

If you want to see if your child would suit online 121 singing lessons, why not book a free 'Song Bird' discovery call!

Book online singing lessons!

Book a one-off 121 singing class with one of our singing teachers, buy a block of 121 online singing lessons, or book a 121 'Sing & Shine' masterclass to really harness your vocals in preparation for an audition, exam, or a showreel.


The best and most cost-effective way to learn singing online is to book a block of online singing lessons. This way we get to consistently work on the student's area of choice and the results really show!

All of our singing classes and 121 lessons are suitable for all levels and stages of singing, ages 7 - 18.


In our 121 tailored lessons will cover:

  • Vocal technique and song choices for auditions or just learn singing just for fun!

  • Effective warm-ups and warm downs (vocal health)

  • Your key and unique vocal range

  • Various vocal registers

  • Breathing techniques and how to make a perfect note

  • Plus, so much more! 

You will receive one of our special starter kits when you book a block of lessons and the student will have a G.drive folder set up where we will put any resources and a recording of each lesson. 

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'Sing & Shine' Masterclass

Perfect for young singers who are taking singing parts in a play, auditioning for a West-End production, or wanting to further their technique and take things to the next level.


In this 'Industry focused' 121, 90 min Masterclass we can tailor it in any direction you choose, whereas singing lessons are for consistent practice, a masterclass gives the unique opportunity to deep dive into a specific area.

Audition tips, vocal health, a strategic personalized warm-up, and vocal dexterity plan, suggested song choices for child singing auditions, CV support and editing help, audition tape advice, contacts, and introductions, how and where to get paid work as a child vocalist, how to stand out on an audition plus so much more! We can use this unique 121 masterclass on anything at all that will make your child singer shine and become the best singer they can be.

Ages 8 - 18 

Take part in an online group singing workshop!

Joining a group singing workshop is a great way to meet new singing friends from all around the world, practice your singing and showcase it to the class, getting all-important feedback and advice from an experienced vocal coach, without the price tag of a 121 session! 

In this 60 min group singing workshop, we will choose a song to work on, practice it on our own and get a 5 min 121 session with the singing teacher, have an opportunity to perform in front of the class, learn some fun warm up's and make our singing voices even better!

We have different workshops running throughout the year for different age groups, check our class schedule for the next group workshop! 

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