Why learn singing?


Singing is a true expression of our soul.


It places us directly in the present moment and connects us with our deepest emotions and to those around us, both for those singing and also for audiences watching and listening. 

It is a wonderfully liberating art form, which, when one learns the basics of, is able to truly spread their wings and soar into many realms of many possibilities, harnessing full creative expression.

It is within singing, at whatever age, we find ourselves.

Let's go.

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Beginners Bundle!

The 'Beginners Bundle' has everything you need to get started singing and to spark a love of this fascinating art form!

Ages 7 - 18 

  • 8 x 25 min lessons

  • An e-book filled with inspirational singing stories

  • A journal to help you with your progress

  • 10 x backing tracks to get started practicing immediately

  • A report with ideas on what you can do next!

  • A certificate of completion

Flexible lessons although we recommend they are taken consecutively once started for maximum learning potential!

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Meet your coach!

Learn the art of singing - online!


Build confidence, harness your child's true creativity, and develop a life long love for music, singing and the performing arts with our online singing lessons.


We have various workshops, lessons and group courses running throughout the year., so keep checking back to see whats online!

Grab a copy of our FREE resource

'56 AMAZING backing track videos with lyrics' 

Book 121 lessons

Book a one-off 121, a masterclass or a block of 6 online singing lessons. Suitable for all levels and stages of singing, ages 5 - 18.


These tailored lessons will cover:

Vocal technique and song choices for auditions or just for fun

Effective warm-ups and warm downs (vocal health)

Your key and vocal range

About various vocal registers

Breathing techniques and how to make a perfect note

Plus, so much more! 

You will receive a starter kit at the beginning to get going and a recording of each lesson.

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'Sing & Shine' Masterclass

Aimed at young Industry Proffesionals, this 1.5-hour Masterclass can be tailored in any direction you choose, as one of our fabulous singing coaches from the 'Summer School' basic a lesson is consistent learning, and guidance but in a Masterclass, you get access to my brain...

Audition tips, vocal health, a strategic warm-up and vocal dexterity plan, song choices, CV support, auditing tape halpe anything at all that will make you shine and become the best singer you can be.

Ages 8 - 18 


Kerri Layton is an experienced jazz singer, bandleader, singer-songwriter, teacher, and professional entertainer with 12 years experience of in teaching, directing, producing, and performing on the stage.

Before Kerri found her love for Performance Art, she worked as a Level 2 Youth Worker for Lancashire County Council having trained as a Youth Worker in Russia with the Association of Youth Leaders before teaching the GCSE Drama curriculum as Head of  Drama at Great Oaks Small School in Kent.

Singing for Swiss Royalty, many celebrities, Glastonbury Festival, Alexandra Palace, and featuring on BBC radio, ITV, Albanian National TV, Bulgarian National Press, and before coronavirus, enjoying residences at many of London's top underground live music spots such as The Cellar Door and Hackney Empire Bar, Kerri lives in Hackney, London with her puppy Memphis, where she writes music, coaches drama, and runs her two businesses Retro Performing Arts Company and Dixiebird Records.