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drama lessons at home

Woohoo! Welcome to the Retro Performing Arts Company, we are SO excited to have you here.

You've heard the phrase, "There's no need to make a song and a dance about it", right? Well, my darlings, this is THE place to make a song and a dance about EVERYTHING!! - No holds barred!

Founded by 'the UK's 'Joe Wicks' of Drama' and official Drama Queen, Kerri Layton, we are 100% passionate about all aspects of the performing arts. The education, the talent, the fun, the laughs, the community, the shows, and the business.

By using drama as a tool, we are creating accessible online education, building confidence, nurturing creativity, and enabling core life skills in young people, which we hope will inspire the great performing, creative and capable minds of tomorrow, whichever path they choose.

We believe that online education should be all-encompassing, using a combination of print outs, workbooks, postal kits, downloadables, playlists and so much more, we create dynamic and interactive, fun and engaging lessons that leave children relaxed, refreshed and ready for,

lights, camera-ACTION!

Kerri Layton 2020 by Christian Ostmo (c)


"Lockdown taught me a lot in terms of how much we rely on the creative arts for our wellbeing and happiness, so by using online drama lessons, workshops and mini-courses I can help you transform your child's world into a creative, drama-filled Imaginarium that builds their

confidence combats loneliness and teaches them all about the arts in the process."



Whats on

Take a look here for an overview of whats on offer and how to work with us


Free things!

Have a look at our amazing free resources to help you get started learning drama at home, straight away!


singing lessons

Book a 121 online singing lesson, check out our workshops, masterclasses and bundles here.

variety show

A 6 week Variety Show Challenge, make your very own act in just 6 - weeks! 

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for schools

Fun, interactive, and educational online drama workshops for 2021.