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Learn the art of acting - online!


Build confidence, harness your child's true creativity, build future leadership skills and develop a lifelong love for acting, drama, and the performing arts with our online acting lessons, online drama classes, courses and programmes and 121 acting coaching!


  We have various activities running throughout the year, perfect for homeschoolers, after-school clubs and students wishing to take on private tuition to help with exams or preparation for pays and professional parts n the West-End.


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Why learn acting?


Acting is a true expression of our soul, actors and performers are healers of this planet, sent to us to help us develop empathy and compassion for life, making for a richer, more connected life experience!


Acting, both watching and participating in it, really helps us to connect with emotions too, our own, and others. 

It is for this reason that acting is a wonderfully explorative art form, one which we can never fully stop learning.

There are so many exciting ways to learn drama and acting online, 

Are you ready? Let's go!

Child Model

Drama is good for you!

After just one drama lesson we start to see major transformations and breakthroughs in our students!

Adult's often report that their little one is:


🎤  More relaxed and calm, feeling happy and joyful! 

🎤 Feel excited to work independently on their activity!

🎤 Start to have more confidence in their daily routine!

After just a few sessions we start to see fundamental shifts in:

🎙 Their acting technique, such as clearer diction, expressing of feelings, interpreting scripts and speaking out loud!

🎙Confidence to try new ideas out and voice opinions!

🎙Creative ideas jumping out of nowhere!


We are experts at guiding a child through their acting and drama journey, whether it is for fun, confidence and creativity or the child is taking training to further a career as a child actor, we believe the only way to do this is by having a structured but informal class, where fun and learning lie at the heart of every lesson.

Book an online 121 acting class!

For private tuition and 121 drama classes, we can help with GCSE exam preparation, 


The best and most cost-effective way is to book a block of lessons. This way we get to consistently work on the student's area of choice and the results really show!

All of our acting classes and 121 lessons are suitable for all levels and stages of acting, ages 7 - 18.


In our 121 tailored acting lessons will cover:

  • Diction and correct enunciation

  • Stage directions and script interpretation

  • Monologues (picking the best ones for your child)

  • Help with auditions, CV's and industry support

You will receive one of our special starter kits when you book a block of lessons and the student will have a G.drive folder set up where we will put any resources and a recording of each lesson. 

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Variety Show Course .png

Join our 6 - Week Drama Course!

Our international, fun flagship drama programme is aimed at drama loving students around the world! 

Over the course of 6 action-packed weeks, students will learn about various drama techniques and make their very own 'act' which we will feed into a show!

This is perfect for homeschoolers and after-school drama lovers who want to expand their knowledge of the stage whilst making new friends and having the chance to create their very own stage act!

Courses run throughout the year!

Meet your

Drama Coach!

Kerri Layton is an experienced Drama Teacher, Trained Youth Worker,  Singer-Songwriter, and Actress, she trained with the Association of Young Leaders (AYL) in Russia, part of the Californian Association of Youth Councilors (CASC) before working as Head of Drama at Great Oaks Small School in Kent whilst simultaneously studying at the Kent School of Film, TV Music and Drama, before going on to achieve a successful stage career. 

She won multiple business awards as a youth herself

(Young Entrepreneur, Kent Enterprise Scheme, Active Citizenship Award) for her creative performance-based businesses and has since performed on stages across the globe as a performer for multiple shows and bands, such as Glastonbury Festival, Alexandra Palace, Hackney Empire, touring France, Ibiza, and Germany even performing for Swiss Royalty!

Kerri is signed to multiple agencies and guest teaches at schools across London, you can see some of Kerri's music shows in action at

Dixiebird Records, 

Kerri Layton Music 

Champions Managment

Kerri Layton pic by Christian Ostmo (c)