Kerri Layton pic by Christian Ostmo (c).

What's On-line?


Our online academy here at the Retro Performing Arts Company is totally geared up to your child's success, whatever stage they are at.


Using our unique methods which bridging the gap between high level 121 private tuition and group learning experiences, all of our products and services are accessible, highly interactive, fun and filled with incredible learning outcomes. 

You can work with us by a booking a block on online lessons, join one of our group learning programmes, download a set of resources and so much more.

Our courses and group lessons have no more then 5 in a class, this is so we can provide extremely tailored and hands on learning, meaning your child can reach their maximum potential.

Our 121's are currently only available in block bookings of 6 - this is so we can provide a high-level learning experience with determined and measurable outcomes. 6 seems to be the magic number! 

See the list below for current ways you can work with us! 

Variety Show Challenge!


Our flagship 'Variety Show Course' started during Lockdown 2020 and has entertained and educated children across the globe, ever since! 


The 6 - week online course, inspired by Variety shows and the Greatest Showman, where children will get to create their very own unique act whilst learning all about;

  • Acting

  • Singing

  • Dancing

  • Stagecraft techniques

  • Comedy & comedy timing

  • Story writing & storytelling skills

  • Behind the scenes of a theatre show!

Register now and buy an early bird place for just £55!

Singing lessons for children


For beginners to young pro's, book a series of 121 singing lessons, group workshops, solo masterclasses, download resources and find so much more to enable learning and performing arts education from home. 

We teach on zoom and all you need is a good internet connection, a device and a singing living child! 

Drama Lessons for Children


Drama lessons online are amazing tools for creating