🧡  He joined our 6-week Variety Show Course

🧡  Came to nearly every single drama drop-in on Saturday's 
Enrolled in the summer school programme

🧡  Worked independently for a whole day on zoom with us on the Emoji mask making day!


Isaac is one of the first students from our Drama Kingdom to be awarded ALL FOUR BADGES!!

Woohoo, well done Isaac!


A wonderful boy, curious and courageous, we met Isaac at the start of lockdown and he has been with us ever since.

His Dad signed him up because Isaac's regular drama school shut down because of Covid, so they took the risk and signed up to my online drama course, and we are SO glad they did!

Isaac has been a shining star and a great example of what consistent encouragement can do for a child.

He came to us, extremely passionate about drama and acting but was so shy sometimes, we couldn't hear him speak.

He told me once that he felt his ideas weren't good enough so he kept them to himself or felt really scared to say them out loud in class.




Isaac went from a shy, and sometimes unconfident about his ideas to literally:

🧡 Taking on the role of 'Club Captain' for his age group, 

🧡 Writing and performing his very own show and working very hard in his diction and projection (which is now almost impeccable!) 

🧡 Performing it on zoom to all his friends and family and an audience of more than 20 people!



🌟 'Student Spotlight!' - Meet Isaac, age 7! 🌟


This is absolutely amazing!!!!!! Well done Isaac!

One of the things that really helped with this breakthrough, aside from the consistency of showing up to all his lessons, was a 121 confidence class we did together, where we made a power-up card based on his favourite programme The Power Rangers. He really owned this idea and took great pleasure in telling all his classmates about it and encouraging them to do it too. 🧡

So YOU GO ISAAC!! We are proud of your achievements with the academy this Summer, and very grateful you are in our drama kingdom!!!

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