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What's in the kit?

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🎭 Access to our vibrant, backstage community at the Drama Club Hub!

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What will they learn?

Slightly different from our live online, drama lessons and courses, this downloadable craft kit and print out, will:

🎙 Introduce your child to the fun and excitement of the stage, using a 'Blue Peter' style craft challenge!

🎙 Teach them stage directions, using a fun and printable method

🎙 Introduce them to all the members of a live swing band, and teach them all about the differences between the instruments and the sounds they make!

🎙 Inspire them to get creative and make their very own stage show! 

Who are we?

Hello, I'm Kerri! Founder of the Retro Performing Arts Company and self-professed Drama Queen!


At the start of the pandemic in 2020, I lost all of my work as a jazz singer, and my live events company

Dixiebird Records was halted abruptly in the midst of a global pandemic.


It was a terrible time, but one I will strangely be forever grateful; because I went back to my roots as a Drama Teacher and Youth Worker, founded the Retro Performing Arts Company, and the rest is history!


In just one short year we have not only been featured in the National Press but we have over 300 of you in our fabulous drama community, inspiring the next generation of young performers and building confidence

in the process. 

To celebrate we have made this super fun, cute and educational craft kit to entertain your little ones, and it's TOTALLY FREE!


Why a Swing Band?

To celebrate our upcoming ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY! (did we mention we are nearly ONE?!!! Woohoo!!) we have teamed up with our sister company, and agency Dixiebird Records, to create you this awesome Craft Kit.

Via this online resource, we aim to keep the spirit of live entertainment, well and truly alive.

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