Whats on?

Singing lessons we will learn:

Vocal technique and song choices for auditions or just for fun

Effective warm-ups and warm downs (vocal health)

Your key and vocal range

About various vocal registers

Breathing techniques and how to make a perfect note

Plus, so much more! 

By the end of 6 lessons, you will have learnt your unique singing key, chosen three songs and had fun learning and singing them, and if you are working towards an audition, you will have perfected one of them for a performance

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We have a full range of exciting and dynamic, interactive learning opportunities available here at the Retro Performing Arts Company.

Book a scriptwriting workshop, a monologue masterclass, take part in a week long drama course, learn about making your own shows and what it takes to be a performer.


See a list of activities below and book on today!  


Acting lessons we will learn:

Diction and intonation

Monologue work and script interpretation

How to create the best audition piece for your success

How to film the perfect audition tape at home

How to prepare for auditions

Lessons are encouraged to be taken consecutively when booked, although we understand they may be changes to your schedule or a need to skip a week, and they can be booked in anytime over the next 6 -months.