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Save time on endless searching for songs for your child, with our free guide...

'56 Amazing backing tracks for your child's singing success' '


56 well-researched, CHILD-FRIENDLY backing track videos with lyrics, which you can get started with right away!!

14 x Pop Songs

14 x Disney & Musical Songs

14 x Jazz Standards & Pop Classics

14 x Christmas songs 


56 Songs

for your

Child to Sing

(with backing tracks)

Singing to backing tracks is amazing for your child's cognitive development.

Singing is well known to boost not only well being but also numeracy skills, literacy and memory but searching for the RIGHT kind of songs can be boring, time-consuming and frustrating.

As a musician myself, I have exceptionally high standards when it comes to the quality of the songs I am singing and the backing tracks I use and I want the same for you and your kids.

There is nothing worse than singing along to a mechanically made, 'plastic' sounding plinky plonkin' piano! 

It can RUIN your kid's experience of music.

As a parent, you deserve to treat your ears to good quality music AND nurture your child's singing at the same time.

You can even get the whole family involved in this fun! Use my book as a 'DIY Kareoke' guide and have a Friday night kitchen disco to remember!

Teenage girls with microphone singing ag

Hello, I'm Kerri, a singer-songwriter and drama teacher. I have sung and toured for over 12 years.

I LOVE music, so much so that when I was a child I used to say "music hurts my heart", my parent's thought I had a heart problem and took me to the doctors! It turns out I just loved music so much, it literally hurt!

It wasn't until my twenties, however, that I truly nurtured my passion and quickly discovered it was all I wanted to do, I don't want your child to wait that long!

So, I have created this guide for you to help you quickly and easily encourage singing in your family, with your little singer!

Child-friendly songs that are good quality can take ages searching the internet for, now you don't have too! 

Download this guide today and start singing good quality songs, straight away with these backing track and lyric videos.


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